Quake Review(Sega Saturn)

First of all, its awesome! However, one disappointing setback is the lack of Netlink compatibility.

Graphics: The polygonal enemies are a real step up from the regular 2-d enemies found in other first person shooters, such as Duke Nukem 3d. Don't get me wrong though, Duke 3d is great. Another feature added to the Saturn version is the outstanding light-sourcing effects. As for the frame rate, it is good but not as fast as Duke 3d. 9.5/10
Control: The control is good but is way better with the 3-d Analog control pad. The control in this game handles very smoothly. 9/10
Weapons: The game features some pretty good guns. There is a fair amount of guns but they can get a little repetitive (i.e.: the nail gun and the super-nail gun). The axe is also a lot of fun. 8/10
Replay Value: The game has excellent replay value. This is true because once you beat the game its fun to go back and find the interesting secrets. 9/10
Overall: Overall this game turns out to be a fantastic addition to any Saturn owners game library. Its only downfalls are the lack of Netlink, and the guns are a little boring.


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