Earthworm Jim 2 Review(Sega Saturn)

Earthworm Jim 2 for the Saturn is essentially the Genesis version with enhanced graphics and a much improved soundtrack. The levels in EWJ2 range from your basic sidescrolling levels, to a game show, and other weird and wacky scenes.Graphically, EWJ is not a game that comes close to taking advantage of the Saturn's capabilities. There have been some improvements in the color, the animation is smoother, and layers of parallax have been added. Nothing really mind blowing, but it does look great.The largest improvement that EWJ2 experienced in its upgrade to the Saturn was in the area of sound. Tommy Tallerico really out did himself with an excellent soundtrack. While its not something that'll make you want to listen to it when you're not playing the game, it is exceptional in game music. The sound effects are equally impressive.Where EWJ2 really shines, and the EWJ series in general, is in the field of play mechanics. EWJ2 is one of the only platformers that has varied gameplay, you almost get the feeling that no two levels are exactly alike, and that is rare in this genre, and it is greatly appreciated by this reviewer.In the end, Earthworm Jim 2 may not have the graphical "WOW" factor of other platformers on the Sega Saturn, but it is the best, and will give you the most overall fun and enjoyment. Isn't that all that matters?


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