Diggers Review(Amiga CD32)

Sort of like Lemmings, except your characters are miners looking for gold and gems. Somewhat cumbersome interface, although it does let you use a mouse, it doesn't seem that there's any way to really pan around the screen other than to switch to another digger. Each time you find something too, you don't just immediately get money for it... that specific digger has to take it to the market and sell it. You can use your money to buy new mining equipment including elevators and rail cars even. I suggest you read the in-game manual so you can figure out what's going on. This separate release is much harder to find than the Diggers/Oscar compilation that was used as a system pack-in. An NTSC version was released (There may not even be a PAL standalone release), and it may have been used as a pack-in game.


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