Wii U console!

Wii U is a brand new console from Nintendo. The concept behind Wii U is to provide a second viewpoint on gameplay, giving new perspectives and making new ideas possible. Nintendo is dubbing it "Asymmetrical Gaming", which basically means that instead of having four people playing against each other in a game with the same controller and same perspective, you could potentially have different player roles within the same session.

For example, two people could be using the Wii Remote to perform one task, while another uses the GamePad to access a whole different set of controls, commands and possibilities. Another usage for the GamePad could be assigning someone the position of dungeon master in an RPG, with the Wii Remote users being the hapless adventurers, trying to survive traps and monsters laid down by the dungeon master.
Nintendo has not revealed official specifications for the Wii U, but leaks online suggest the following:
  • CPU: 'Espresso' CPU with three enhanced Broadway cores
  • GPU: AMD Radeon "GPU7"
  • Memory: 2GB (1GB as system memory, 1GB for game memory)
  • Storage: 8GB/32GB (basic/deluxe)
  • Expansion: SD Card Slot with support for 2GB SD cards and 32GB SDHC cards, hard drive expansion through USB.
  • Networking: Wi-Fi
  • Video output: Up to 1080p via HDMI, or Composite/Scart via the existing AV connector (SD)
  • USB ports: 4, support for external storage (rumoured)


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