Playstation 3 Update Features September 2012

The PlayStation®3 system software version 4.25 (with 4.20 and 4.21) update includes the following : 


Increased capacity for online storage with the PlayStation®Plus service

The amount of saved data you can save in online storage is now increased. To use this feature you must have a Sony Entertainment Network account and subscribe to the PlayStation®Plus service.
  • The maximum available storage capacity for one account is 1 GB, and the maximum number of saved data items that can be stored is 1000.

Set the time until the system automatically turns off

System Auto-Off
Under Settings (Settings) > Power Save Settings (Power Save Settings) > [System Auto-Off], you can now set the amount of time until the system automatically turns off for [Video/TV/Music/Photo] and for [Game/Other Features].

Selecting multiple saved data items

System Auto-Off
Under Settings (Games) > Settings (Saved Data Utility (PS3™)), you can now select multiple saved data items, and then either delete or copy them as a group.

Adjusting the sidetone level for microphone audio

When the wireless stereo headset (CECHYA-0080) is connected, you can now adjust the sidetone level for microphone audio. Select [Sidetone] under Settings (Settings) > Settings (Accessory Settings) > [Audio Device Settings].

Other new or revised features in version 4.25 (with 4.20 and 4.21)

New for 4.25: System software has been improved.

Under Network (Date and Time Settings) > [Time Zone], [Samoa Islands] has been changed to [American Samoa] and [Independent State of Samoa].
The encryption key has been renewed for AACS, the copy protection system for Blu-ray disc™ video content. If you see a message regarding encryption key renewal during playback of commercially available BD video software (BD-ROM), update the system software to the latest version. The encryption key will then be automatically renewed.


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