Microsoft Wants IE6 Dead Once and for All

Microsoft released Internet Explorer 6 (AKA the browser that will not die) ten years ago in 2001. To commemorate this occasion, the Windows team has started a little site called ie6 countdown, where as you might expect, the market share of IE6 will be monitored as it continues to drop. Microsoft says this is a demonstration of their commitment to get the browser down from its still high 12% share.
Microsoft's goal is to get IE6 usage down to less than 1%. They feel that if they can do that, web designers will be able to safely stop supporting it. Microsoft is encouraging sites to place upgrade notifications on their sites for IE6 users as part of this effort. Since many IE6 users are stuck on it because of locked-down office computers, Microsoft is also reaching out to IT pros to assist in upgrades.
It's not that Microsoft is washing its hands of IE6 with the same repulsion that many users have. They make it clear that they are proud of how well IE6 did, and how good it was for its time. Do you know anyone that uses IE6? What's the story there?


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