Microsoft Repeats Promise for More Core Games on Kinect

But when will they arrive?

There's not a lot of core games on Kinect, but one is getting more playtime than any other: The Waiting Game. Last week Microsoft's Kevin Unangst said Kinect is nothing but exciting from now on, and now he's spoken to again about the upcoming games for the sensor.
Preaching patience and pointing out that the sensor hasn't even been available for 100 days yet, Unangst was keen to stress that more core titles will be on the way this year:
There are many [hardcore games] coming. This is sort of scratching the surface of what's happening, but we've got Child of Eden here today, we've got Twisted Pixel's Gunstringer... and certainly you're going to see more.
Unangst is equally adamant that the games won't have Kinect support shoehorned in, but that the sensor offers developers a range of options to expand their projects:
There's a whole host of things for core developers, whether it's voice control, face recognition and all the tech that Kinect makes possible. Now that we've got it in the hands of developers you're going to see more and more core games. This is just the beginning.
If this is just the beginning, we're sure millions of gamers are ready for the middle now.


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