Surf Ninjas Review(Amiga CD32)

Based on an equally lame movie, this is basically a Double Dragon ripoff where you have to solve a bunch of "pick up this item and bring it there" puzzles. The only interesting feature in this game is the ability to rip out a dead enemies heart (wasn't this a PG13 movie???), though this has no real effect, as the enemy was dead anyways, and he'll be replaced right away regardless of whether you tore out his heart or not. In any case, you do this by hitting down and the button while standing over a dead (flashing) enemy. This is quite possibly the worst game on the system (except maybe Town With No Name, though that's CDTV). Some of the atrocities include: Cannot have both music and sound effects at the same time, long pause after starting game which makes you think it crashed, fighting enemies is pointless as they respawn forever and you can just walk past them to the next screen anyways, all the enemies look the same, only one attack is worth using (the knee, which you can use over and over to kill anyone, while leaving yourself invulnerable), when you kill one enemy the game speeds up dramatically... until he gets replaced, there is a 2 second pause whenever you pick up or drop an item, you can't do certain moves while holding an item because you'll simply drop the item instead (or pick one up if it's in front of you), you can't pick up items while holding a weapon because the weapon counts as an item, when you walk against a wall the "walk" animation will continue even when you stop pressing the direction, jumping causes you to lose some health, you don't start with full health and you can die before your health meter is empty, if you attack a dead (flashing) enemy you can sometimes bring him back to life (even if you've already torn his heart out). By the way, while it seems like all the action is done with just the red button, you have to use the blue button to go through doors and such... too bad they didn't make any use out of the rest of the buttons for things like jumping, picking up/dropping items, pausing, etc.


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