Philips CDi Timekeeper( M48T08 - 150PC1 64k)

Well one problem that i found out about the CDi is that its timekeeper battery ,hense its memory battery cannot last more than 10 to 12 years tops! So if you do not have a working battery in your system each time you shut it down you lose all of your save points and also the time/date settings. And this is the smallest problem that you may have because it can also the system won't be able to load the games at all.
Anyways my CDi had the same problem since i bought it and i couldn't make any saves and keep the time settings. So i started looking...and looking...and looking. I found people that use their electric drill(oh my god!)to cut open their timekeeper chip(it looks like a chip but instead inside there is a battery and a couple of other components)and connect it to a seperate rechargable battery to make it work. Which i think is ok if you don't care. But, this for me wasn't a solution i wanted something clean and tidy something to make it look ,even from the inside ,like new! This is me!So i found a replacement chip ,order it for the US and came to Greece very fast. After some time with the soldering iron it was placed on the CDi's pcb and looked like new. I will post today the pictures of the chip and tomorrow i will post some picture from my CDi and how it looks now(from the inside). The chip also includes a chip holder which comes very handy because if you want to change it again it doesn't need a soldering iron. You just remove the oldew one and place the new chip in place.

the T&T Team
PS: You can find this component on ebay ,very cheap. Prefer US retailers, not china etc.


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