Labyrinth of time Review(Amiga CD32)

Somehow, the CD32 was one of the only systems that never got a port of Myst (Well, there's an Amiga CD version, but it requires extra hardware that a stock CD32 doesn't have)... instead we got this game. While leaving your boring office job and contemplating your boring life, you are plucked out of time by Daedalus, who informs you that he is being forced to build a new Labyrinth for King Minos... except this Labyrinth is outside of time and space. Basically you're stuck in a maze which intersects various time periods. Kind of a neat game, but doesn't have the same magic as Myst. You can also play with a mouse, which helps a lot. This game also works nicely on any Amiga with a CD-ROM drive.


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