How to install the Philips CDi Timekeeper chip

Today i have some picture from my CDi showing the inear side of the console. Also i will describe in steps how to make the repear of the timekeeper chip, but i have to warn you that you must have some experience in soldering and unsoldering chips from a pcb, and believe me that is a very delicate pcb and you don't want to damage it. So if you are not keen with similar procedures please hand it to a technician to do the job.
This article concerns the Philips CDi 450 model!

First of all you will need the following:
Soldering iron(not very hot)
Screw driver
Exagon screw driver
Solder Sucker
and maybe a wire cutter

The tools are shown in the picture(sorry for the backround)
Watch the video it will help for the tear down of the console

Start striping out your CDi, by removing the four screws located on the top of the console. Two under the Video Interactive cartidge and two into the CD bay.

Then pull gently the top cap to reveal the inner of the CDi. First layer the aluminum cap. You have to pull it from the edges to remove it(do it carefully and watch for some small cables on the upper right side of the console,these are the cables that conect the cd rom to the motherboard)

This is the motherboard of the CDi 450 model. Take it off completly and place it beside you. After that ,you have to remove the motherboard as well from the console by removing the CD rom unit(very easy it rests on two rubber pads, do it carefully and do not touch the lense). Gently lift it up and take it to your hands.

At the bottom left side of the motherboard you can see the Timekeeper chip.(this is the newly installed chip of my CDi 450). Turn the motherboard around and start melting the solder from the chip tips and sucking it with the solder sucker(here you need some knowledge of electronics,it is not easy to do). Be carefull the rest of the motherboard.

After you have removed all the solder from the chip you must be able to remove it very easily. Do not force it out!!!!If you cannot pull it out with your fingers see were solder remains and suck it.When you have removed your old chip place the chip holder in position and solder it. When you finish place the new timekeeper in place reverse the dessassembly steps to close the unit back again. Check if it powers on. Go to the main menu of the console and set the time/date. Press ok. Then shut down your console and wait for 5 minutes. Turn it on and see if it keeps the settings if yes thats it! If no ,and you are sure that everything is ok with the soldering then it might be the chip wich might be faulty(this happened to me). Call your retailer and tell him that ,he will send another(as in my case)

Thanks very much,
the T&T Team

Note: Do not try this if you are not experienced with soldering and electronics in general. The T&T Team does not carry any responsibility if you damage your console.
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  1. What would be the reason for installing new Timekeeper chip on a Philips CD-i?

  2. the reason is very simple. To keep the time settings of your console!!!also there some problems with loading games if your timekeeper chip does not function correctly.

    Thank you for your question


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