Atari Karts Review(Atari Jaguar)

Αtari Karts is a Mario Kart-style racing game for the Atari Jaguar published by Atari Corporation and developed by Miracle Designs Ltd.The graphics of the game, featuring colorful backgrounds and tracks and a hill effect giving depth to the track, are technically superior to those of Mario Kart.The game was criticized for its lack of interesting power-ups. Instead of being able to fire projectiles like in Mario Kart, the only offensive power-up reversed the other player's direction buttons. Another criticism is the fact that a collision with a wall will make the kart fully stop sometimes, which can be very annoying in the harder tracks.The game music was composed in 1994 by Fabrice Gillet in Protracker on an Amiga.Both he and the people who created the in-game artwork are not listed in the game's credits at the end of the game. The manual refers to them as the "Miracle Designs Team".


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